84% of our hosted conversations
have definitive next steps


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1. Project Scope

  • Project Manager assigned.

  • Target audience and data set sourced.

  • Value proposition of service/product is clarified.

  • Marketing planned.

  • Inside Sales Team Trained.

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2. Appointments Booked

  • Inside Sales team engages prospects.

  • Human 2 Human (H2H) verification of account needs and information, and prospects role in decision making process.

  • Appointment Scheduled.

  • 1 page write up detailing Q&A and opportunity.


3. Quality Assurance

  • Each conversation recording is listened to by our QA team, to ensure proper questions were asked, account and contact information is accurate.

  • One page write up is reviewed.

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4. Hosting of Appointment

  • Calendar invite, with 1 page write up, is forwarded to sales executive.

  • Call monitoring team ensures participant attendance.

  • Call monitoring team professionally introduces participants. 

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5. Follow Up

  • Call monitoring team handles all rescheduling, if needed.

  • Post call, each participant is asked to rate the quality of the conversation and next step.

  • Detailed ROI report is generated at the end of the campaign.



87% of appointments occur at
the originally scheduled time


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