84% Of Our Hosted Conversations
Have Definitive Next Steps

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1. Project Scope

  • Project Manager assigned.

  • Target audience and data set sourced.

  • Value proposition of service/product is clarified.

  • Marketing planned.

  • Inside Sales Team Trained.

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2. Appointments Booked

  • Inside Sales team engages prospects.

  • Human 2 Human (H2H) verification of account needs and information, and prospects role in decision making process.

  • Appointment Scheduled.

  • 1 page write up detailing Q&A and opportunity.


3. Quality Assurance

  • Each conversation recording is listened to by our QA team, to ensure proper questions were asked, account and contact information is accurate.

  • One page write up is reviewed.

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4. Hosting of Appointment

  • Calendar invite, with 1 page write up, is forwarded to sales executive.

  • Call monitoring team ensures participant attendance.

  • Call monitoring team professionally introduces participants. 

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5. Follow Up

  • Call monitoring team handles all rescheduling, if needed.

  • Post call, each participant is asked to rate the quality of the conversation and next step.

  • Detailed ROI report is generated at the end of the campaign.



87% of appointments occur at
the originally scheduled time


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Our objective at Leads on Demand is to provide you with qualified “human to human” connections and assist you in achieving efficient revenue growth.  In our ongoing mission to better serve you, we are offering several new sales services to enhance the work we already provide.

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Post Appointment Audit


Marketing and Sales Managers are challenged with documenting the outcomes of sales conversations to accurately track progress and status of each opportunity.

Each conversation between sales rep and prospect is recorded, listened to and written up providing you with a report on key findings based on your needs.

Significantly improves the tracking of opportunities, next steps and time frames.  Saves you time tracking down results or feedback from partners or sales reps about their calls. 

Asset 1.png

Visual/Virtual Sales Presentations  

Telephone sales calls lack visual impact for branding and demonstrating product benefits.   

Video conferencing with the prospect through a secure and user-friendly “screen- share” platform. Sales executives can provide product demos, share power points and other effective sales and marketing visuals. 

Enhanced appointment “experience” for the prospect. Provides sales executive with ability to visually illustrate benefits of their solution.

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MQL to SQL Accelerator 

The shelf life of an MQL is very short. If they are not called and emailed immediately, and repeatedly, the probability of them progressing to SQL declines significantly.   

MQL to SQL Accelerator” is a tool you include in your company’s digital marketing pieces which immediately injects a prospect who submits any designated form from your digital marketing into our workflow to be qualified and have an appointment set with your sales representative.  

Immediate ingestion into our workflow, which improves conversion by ensuring proper and timely actions occur.  This increases ROI on your digital marketing spend.