Conversation Campaign

Target a specific market segment or niche by defining solution, account size, as well as specific information to be gathered prior to scheduled call.


1. Create Your Campaign

Specify the targeted solution for the conference call appointments.

Define qualifications of an ideal prospect.
– Specific questions which need be asked.
– Targeted geographies.

Identify individual to receive calendar appointment invites.

2. Appointments Are Scheduled for Your Salespeople.

After leads are identified, vetted, and qualified, appointments are scheduled.

Calendar invite, with all the dial-in information, are forwarded to the designated contact person.

1 page write up, describing the opportunity, will accompany the calendar invite.

Appointment information is delivered no less than 7 days in advance.



3. We Ensure the meeting occurs.

Our professional scheduling team ensures all participants are on the call

We reschedule all appointments, in the event the prospect cannot attend.



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